How to build a home theatre

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  • July 18, 2017

Home theatre system speaker, mainly divided into video system and audio system, plus signal source and wire accessories.

1. Video system, which is the bearing of the picture, the TV or projection curtain.Here are three options

1)Use a large-size flat-screen TV

2)Abandon TV, direct projector + curtain

3)To keep the TV, use the projector and the electric curtain.

Note: the resolution of the projector is at least 1080px

 home theater

2.The audio system, which is the carrying of the sound, the speakers and the amplifiers.

The average home theater USES 5.1 acoustics, namely, two main speakers, one medium speaker, two surround speakers, and one subwoofer.The living room area is bigger word can use 7.1, namely add two surround sound box.


5.1  home theater system speaker

    Signal source, is usually a set-top box + blu-ray player, as to the problem of line, all the speakers to the borne power amplifier with audio line connection, subwoofer with audio line is connected to the borne power amplifier, the projector, TV, DVD players, such as set-top boxes and borne power amplifier with HDMI hd line connection.


Matters needing attention:

1)Check the installed room preset route before installation,

2)The projector, the low sound and the electric curtain box are reserved for the power supply.

     Home theater is a system that is not only about equipment but also about space.

 home theater

     Most home theater will choose to build in the living room, because the sitting room function is similar to the home theater, superimposed the formation won't appear particularly abrupt.Of course, if you have more rooms, you can choose a separate room for home theater.

Various styles of home theater