Six common accessories for professional audio equipment

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  • August 04, 2017

Good horse with saddle, green leaves need safflower lining. In the sound industry actually the same, professional acoustics to achieve the effect of ideal sound and modern aesthetic, it also have a corresponding set of accessories to support. Generally speaking, professional audio equipment is commonly used in six of accessories: Speaker cover, Panel, battery box, sound tube, knob, foot pad, and the role of six accessories are different from each other.

Speaker cover

It is also called a horn cap, a cover for preventing dust from falling on the horn and affecting the sound quality. It can protect the horn and make the stereo more beautiful.

Speaker cover

Speaker panel

The panel is divided into the host panel, the tuning side board and the reading card panel. Host panel to isolate external and contact with internal device. The tuning side board is the function of the connecting, which can also connect the microphone while adjusting the volume. The reading card panel is the hub of the button, including the song's Toggle key, volume key, play key, pause key, USB hole, etc. They common denominator is to make the stereo more beautiful.


Speaker battery box

It is specially used for storing batteries, protecting batteries and providing power for speaker.

battery box


To decorate the appearance of the sound box, Anti-rodent, enhance the bass effect. Generally, the size of the drum is determined to the power of the stereo.

 plistic pro tube


Control and adjust the sound volume. For the sound to be found in the night, it can be used with the guide cup.



A stereo needs at least 4 footpads to support and decorate the appearance of the speakers, in order to prevent slippery, shockproof, especially to ensure sound quality.

speaker pad