machine feet S11
Foot pad

Machine foot S11

>Good shockproof adjustable Sponge Plastic feet >Mold manufacturer custom molded >Wearproof antiskid >Come in a sariety of shape and size

  • Material :


  • Color :


  • Use :

    Fumiture, computer,DVD,chassis etc

  • Function :

    To prevent the things at the bottom of the damage

Material: Plastic + Sponge
Surface: Gold/Silver
[Installation method]: It can be installed from the inside of the chassis or from the outside of the chassis with self-tapping screw (suitable for wooden materials). The installation screw should be provided by itself.
[Performance/Characteristics]: Shock-proof foot nails, Shockproof foot pads, often used in speakers or power amplifiers or furniture as foot nail pads, which will reduce the friction between speakers and floor tiles or desktop, power amplifiers or disc drives, etc. It also reduces friction and vibration between machines, so that it is not easy to damage and become old. Separation also plays a moisture-proof role; screw on the bottom can be fixed, if not, can also be removed at any time. Made of plastic, with shock-proof soft stickers on the bottom, with slight elasticity, and chrome-plated gold or silver on the outside.


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reverse figure机脚示意图2银机脚示意图

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