Set up a plan design for the conference sound system

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  • July 15, 2017

The next series of articles,mainly introduces the sound amplification system, system design, audio equipment selection, installation, debugging, design principle and detailed wiring diagram of the conference room. If there is any mistake, please correct it.

System design of a conference system

1. Functional requirements

The project is video conference sound amplification system.The project mainly includes a main conference room and a multimedia conference room, which is designed to meet the functions of voice amplification, video meeting, academic report and learning training for daily meetings.The meeting room is as follows:

1)The meeting room plan


2)Conference room perspective


3)The side elevation of the conference room


2. Functional design of conference

According to the requirements of the project, the conference room should be able to achieve the sound effect of the sound amplification, and it is recommended to use at least two sets of speakers.

The sound is wide and clear and bright, not easy to generate self - excitation.The audience has the right loudness.Sound natural, that is, the sound is consistent, the sound signal is real replay.

The participants can feel the real existence of the sound source, to achieve the high fidelity replays the requirement.In the multimedia conference room, the sound is mainly of natural sound, which requires a good spread of sound, uniform distribution of sound field, proper volume of sound and good natural degree.

3. The sound effect of the conference room

1) the plane noise map of the conference room


2) the side elevation of the conference room


Looking forward to the next article, building the equipment component of the conference system